Allium Rosenbachianum – (Rosenbach allium)



Allium Rosenbachianum is a magnificent garden plant. It is very desirable and hard to source.

It has very large 10-12  cm round heads of rose violet flowers, with violet stamens which extend from the flower.  The starry shaped  flowers are  tightly packed into the spheres.

It comes from high in the Himalayas of  Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Its flower scapes grow to 1 metre tall.  It blooms about 2 weeks earlier than the other tall globe alliums.

The allium family is reportedly unattractive to deer and rodents and is seldom affected by disease

Note : 6 seeds in packet


Seed Raising Advice

Sow seeds at any time, covering them with compost or grit 5mm deep.Keep the seed pot in a cool, well-lit spot outside. Artificial heat is not needed and will prevent germination so be very patient as many species will only germinate in the spring after chilling or freezing of the moist seed tray in winter. Grow on individual seedlings in small pots until they are of  sufficient size to be potted on or planted out into the open ground.


Additional information


Hardy Perennial

Common Name

Rosenbach allium, Showy onion

Maximum Height

90 cm

Number of seeds in packet