Dactylorhiza Purple Giant – (Orchis Maderense hybrid)


This lovely hardy orchid is a beautiful garden speciman.

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This plant is a magnificent  hardy orchid. It has beautiful spotted leaves and very tall spikes of deeply coloured lavender purple flowers. It is very robust and vigorous and a good garden specimen. The plants are slow to grow and flower, but growers consider them well worth the wait, and when in flower the plants are greatly admired.

Sowing advice

Important. Do not sow seeds in pots or trays, they will not germinate. Just sprinkle directly onto undisturbed ground, or even a wild grassy area. It is reported that the plant depends on a symbiotic relationship with a group of fungi to feed the newly germinating seed, and that these fungi are likely to be present in unfertilised and unimproved soil. Sprinkling the seed on the top of pots which have other plants growing in them, and which will not be disturbed for several years seems to work well. (reported by Ian Young -Scottish Rock Garden Club). Please be very patient as they are very slow indeed to come up and you will see no seedlings for at least a year. Do not move them until fully-grown as they grow best where they have chosen to germinate. Please be patient as they are worth the wait.

Additional information


Hardy Perennial

Common Name

Orchis maderense hybrid



Maximum Height

70 cm

Number of seeds in packet