Knautia Macedonica ‘Mars Midget’- (Macedonian Scabious)


A versatile , easy care plant for the front of the border which attracts butterflies and bees and grows almost anywhere apart from full shade.



This is a short compact form of knautia producing  widely branching stems topped with dozens of floating, brilliant ruby-red, 5 cm flowers whichopen in succession for sveral months from December. They are great little plants for edging a border, and attract the butterflies and bees. It is one of the few true perennials that flowers for most of the season. It is drought tolerant once you have it established. It likes full sun but can tolerate partial shade, in  lean , normal or sandy soil and is easy care.

Note: 16 seeds in packet


Sowing instructions

Sow directly or under glass. Easiest to sow directly in autumn as seeds require a period of cold to germinate. Surface sow, barely cover with soil or grit. Keep moist. Germination takes 14-21 days but can be erratic and take many months. Thin to final spacing of 50cm. If planting under glass a period of cold stratification (put in vege compartment of fridge)  may be required prior to sowing, 4°C for 4 weeks. When germinated move to 8cm pots and grow on at 10°C. Acclimatise and plant out.

Additional information


Hardy Perennial

Common Name

Macedonian Scabious



Maximum Height

40 cm

Number of seeds in packet